The Fenn Family consists of (from left to right)Rohit Fenn, Mathai Fenn, Jessy Fenn and Amit Fenn. Both Rohit ( and Amit ( ) have their own blogs.  Rohit is currently studying at Sterling College, VT, USA pursuing his passion in environmental chemistry and Amit is at  LMU, Munich for a second Masters in Biology. Jessy, on the other hand is a faculty at Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies, Kochi. Mathai is the principal consultant at The Talk Shop. Jessy’s LinkedIn link is (here) and Mathai’s is (here). Mathai and Jessy studied B.A. (psychology) together at UC College Alwaye from 1981-84, and then M.A. (psychology)at the Psychology Dept of Kerala University . Jessy completed her Ph.D. from the same department, while Mathai did his from the Dept of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Bombay.



A rendering of Fenn Hall
Fenn Hall





Our “Permanent Home” (itself a curious artefact of the rising mobility in India) is Fenn Hall (Click on the image to visit the link). Built in 1942 by Mathai Fenn (Sr.) it has been the home where generations of Fenns Stayed. If you would like to come stay, you can make a booking on the website, .